The Good Fight

After a Weekend to Remember Conference, Scott and Suzette decide to fight for their marriage.

Mary Larmoyeux

The feelings Scott Garmon once had for his wife, Suzette, had long disappeared. Isolated and lonely, Scott felt disrespected by Suzette, but she was oblivious to her husband’s despair.

After months of fighting, Suzette told her friend Dana about their hurtful arguments. “You need to go to a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember,” Dana suggested.

At the time, Scott had no desire to live the rest of his life with Suzette. He was secretly making plans to divorce her.

During the conference, while learning about God’s purposes for marriage, Suzette told God that she didn’t understand how to be a good wife and promised she would do whatever it took to save her marriage.

She sensed God saying, Your marriage will make it, but it’s going to be hard. Suzette didn’t care; she was determined not to lose Scott.

Several months later, when Scott surprisingly told his wife that he wanted to go on a mission trip to East Asia, she replied, “I want you to go.”

During the trip, Scott realized he had been wrong to want to do missions work when he was abandoning his first mission field, his family. God reminded him not to throw away His gifts of Suzette and their children.

Yet 2 weeks after Scott returned from East Asia, he and Suzette sat at church like wooden bookends, their children seated between them. As the minister began his sermon, Scott reflected on something he had learned at the Weekend to Remember: love is not a feeling, but a choice. He bowed his head and begged God to help him once again feel love for his wife.

After his prayer, Scott whispered to the children, “Move, I’ve got to get over there near your mother.”

Scott had finally joined Suzette in the fight to save their marriage.

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