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Evangelism Café: A Companion Guide

How is your evangelism? Feeling stuck? Needing fresh ideas? Want help thinking creatively? Time to plan? The Evangelism Café is the place for you.

The Evangelism Café is a collaborative experience built around interactive stations, in which missional team leaders and members can explore ideas, reflect on experiences, learn new strategies and get proven resources for effective evangelism in the 21st Century.

This CruPress Green Evangelism Café Companion Guide makes available 24/7 some of the resources and results of previous Evangelism Cafés.

Modes of Evangelism

The Evangelism Café interactions are organized around the “modes of evangelism.” For a brief introduction to the “modes of evangelism,” watch the above 2-1/2 minute video from CruPress Presents.

The term mode is defined as “a possible, preferred or customary way of doing something.” The evangelism modes represent the three primary ways in which God works through our witness to enable people come to know the Savior. The “modes of evangelism” gives you a powerful framework to evaluate your outreach and create true evangelistic movements.

Ministry Mode Evangelism

Evangelism in the ministry mode occurs when we intentionally reach out to another person with the purpose of witnessing to them (in contrast to the natural mode, in which we share with someone because of our relationship or natural connection).

But ministry evangelism doesn’t all look the same. There are countless examples of creative approaches, both to engage an audience and to communicate relevantly to them. The examples that follow will give you a taste of the creativity being used across the campuses today.

Most campuses begin the year with Freshmen outreaches.

Campus-wide campaigns are effective follow-up to retreats & conferences.

Group Outreaches help create evangelistic momentum.

On-line outreaches can sow the gospel broadly among students.

On-going Personal evangelism among students and faculty must use a variety of approaches.

Natural Mode Evangelism

Evangelism in the natural mode occurs when we share with someone because of our relationship or natural connection. We must be aware of our personal spheres of influence, intentional about building relationships with unbelievers, and increasingly sensitive to the spiritual process. This is especially important for our students and faculty.

Equipping others in conversational evangelism.

Resources to create spiritual conversations.

Strategic initiatives that involve others in natural witness.

Social Media creates greater access and opportunity.

Body Mode Evangelism

Evangelism in the body mode occurs when the body of Christ is gathered. This may occur in large groups and small. It may occur in planned meetings or informal social gatherings. We should be intentional about increasing the visibility of the movement to outsiders, involving unbelievers in our community and adapting the culture of the movement to welcome outsiders.

Small groups are ideal connections for seekers.

Gospel In Action initiatives can create profound connections.

Informal gatherings – who doesn’t love a party?

Maximizing our weekly meetings.

Additional Resources at the Evangelism Café

Feedback on Evangelism Cafés

If you have been part of a live Evangelism Café, we need your feedback. Please take this brief survey to share with us your thoughts and experiences. 

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