Missionary Staff Members

Invest your life to building multiplying disciples of Jesus in every country, people group and community.

As a Cru missionary, depending on your skills, interests and ministry needs, you'll find a range of Cru ministries and locations – in the U.S. and around the world – where you can serve, with each focusing on different areas of life and groups of people. You can work on the field, in an office support role, or some combination of both.

With so many possibilities – there's a place for you in Cru to use your specific God-given talents and skills to help move His kingdom forward.

I’m Thinking About It

What’s Involved in Becoming a Cru Missionary?

To work with Cru as a full-time missionary staff member, you’ll raise financial support to cover salary, benefits and ministry expenses. We'll provide you with the resources and training you'll need to find and develop your team of ministry partners.

To apply with Cru in the U.S., you must already have the legal right to work in this country. We do not supply visas to those applying from outside the U.S.

Thinking about a Mid-Career Change?

Maybe you've been thinking about full-time ministry for a while – and maybe this feels like the right time.

But is Cru the right place for you?

We've had business owners, lawyers, secretaries and basketball coaches join our staff as a mid-career change – they've joined to fill a variety of support and professional roles, as well as to work full time on the field.

Yes, we need people like you, if God is leading you to us.

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